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Amara Family Stories

There is nothing we can say that is more powerful than what our families and their kids say in their own words.

Curtis, Coara, and Cannon: After four placements in nine months siblings Curtis, Coara and Cannon can continue to grow up together, thanks to their adoptive parents who opened their hearts and home for all three children. Click here to meet them

JoAnn and Jade. After seven different foster placements by the age of eight, Jade was struggling with so much. See how JoAnn and Jade are building a lifelong family in a forever home.

Darren. After 12 years in foster care, Darren found his forever family in 2014.

Alex, Brittney and Baylen. Alex and his little sister Brittney were adopted from foster care in 2010, with baby Baylen to follow in 2011. This is their family’s story.

Brothers and Sisters. Parents who are committed to keeping sibling groups together make an incredible difference.

Zarri and Isabella. Two young survivors of abuse and neglect find safety and love with their forever family.

We wanted “a” kid. We adopted 7. Anne and Amanda adopted their first son through Amara in 2001. Now, seven kids are healing and recovering because of their commitment.

A story of two Amara families. Placed in foster care at only 2 ½ weeks old, Tru finally found the parents that would devote themselves to his well-being. Keira and Dru, brother and sister, find a committed family.