Project Gratitude

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Project Gratitude

Foster families are often overlooked and unappreciated in our community.

Foster families provide life-changing care for vulnerable kids. Becoming a foster parent is a major commitment of time, responsibility, expense, and care – it is a labor of love and service to both the children and the community. Yet these caregivers usually help these children heal and thrive under the radar, with little or no recognition from our greater community.

Amara is initiating a statewide effort to change that, and our temporary name for this effort is Project Gratitude.

Project Gratitude aims to change the conversation across our state.

Our goal is to provide every licensed foster family in the state of Washington with a “rewards” card, which provides them with discounts at major stores and businesses for a range of services and products. Project Gratitude will extend tangible community support to foster parents while raising awareness of their invaluable work.

Get Involved

Project Gratitude won’t be possible without community support.

Businesses and corporations can help by providing discounts and benefits to Washington state foster families. Your generosity will be acknowledged through a variety of channels. We are also seeking community partners to support this effort.

Contact Us

To learn more about participating or supporting Project Gratitude, contact John Morse at 206.260.1701 or [email protected].