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The journey lasts a lifetime. So does our commitment.

We ask our families for a lifetime commitment, and we want to offer the same in return. Recognizing adoption as a lifelong experience, Amara’s Post-Adoption program works to ensure that adoptees, adoptive families and birth families receive resources and support in order to promote stability and fulfilling family relationships.

We are proud to be a resource to adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents in the following ways:

STAR Mentorship Program

The Amara STAR (Strong, Tough, and Resilient) mentorship program connects adopted youth (ages 11-20) with adult adoptees and adults who have aged out of care (ages 21+). Group mentoring promotes positive youth development, encourages positive peer interaction, and provides youth with guidance, encouragement, and support from adults who have had similar life experiences.


Lunch & Learn Workshops

We offer our adoptive families continuing education opportunities through our Lunch & Learn workshop series. These events are open to the community, yet geared for parents who have adopted a child through foster care, or individuals who are interested in adopting a child through foster care. Workshops feature guest speakers with expertise in a range of child development and well-being issues.


Adoption Community Connection & Support

Amara alumni families are invited to join our closed Facebook group, assist with the development of the Alumni Night pilot program or attend Post-Adoption Monthly Support Groups.

Post-Adoption Clinical Supports

We are glad to assist alumni families and birth families with the many nuances specific to the impacts of adoption. This includes assistance in setting up post-adoption visits, providing resources and referrals for families, search & reunion services for adoptees, being a liaison for correspondence per Open Communication Agreements, and individual and personalized post-adoption support.