A Proud History

A Proud History 2016-11-06T09:08:43+00:00

Times have changed. 
Our commitment hasn’t.

Since Amara’s inception in 1921 as Medina Baby Home, we’ve been devoted to meeting the needs of our community’s most vulnerable kids.

In the last 95 years:

We’ve believed that there is a loving family for every child, and worked to find them.

Amara pioneered efforts to find families for sibling groups, older children, children from minority backgrounds, and children with physical and cognitive delays.

We’ve demonstrated that it is possible to improve the child welfare system.

We fought for mandated reporting of child abuse in 1964, and now partner with other child welfare organizations to bring about child-centered court reform in King County and throughout Washington State.

We’ve proved that an inclusive definition of family is the best definition of family.

To a kid, family is not defined by social conventions. Amara was one of the first agencies in the country to coordinate transracial adoptions and adoptions by single parents and LGBT families, enabling us to find the right families for more kids.

We’ve continued evolving to do more—much more— for kids in foster care.

As research on child welfare improves, and the needs of our kids and our community change, Amara responds by providing the programming and services needed to fill the biggest gaps.

That’s nine decades of progress for kids.

A lot has changed since 1921, but at every stage, we’ve been driven by our commitment to kids. See Amara’s Nine Decades of Progress Timeline.